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Master of strategy? Tactical genius? Take your place in the managerial hot seat with IT & Me United — the football management game. To pick your winning team, you have to analyse the players, think strategically and predict your opponent’s game plan. Challenge your peers, climb the table, and most importantly, earn bragging rights against your colleagues.

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Why play IT & Me United?

Our stat-mad pundit is getting excited. Hear his predictions for the new season.

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Play mind games

Because the football management game uses SAP attributes like intelligence, anticipation, organisational skills, speed and mobility, you can do some pre-game scouting to get that competitive edge. Want to bring predictive insight to your business? Kick off better decision making with SAP today.

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How to play

How to play

Pick your team, choose your formation and challenge your peers. But before kick-off, make sure you've got the best actionable strategy.

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1 Why Always Me 85 52 14 19 114
2 American Samoa 77 38 16 23 100
3 OleOle 96 55 19 22 93
4 ANKA TOROS 85 42 20 23 62
5 ATHLETIC SAP 55 26 16 13 55
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